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Infrastructure components

Global infrastructure

A CDK stack that contains resources, which are used by multiple environments. If there's no need to create something per environment stage it should end up in this CDK stack. We will take care of this part in Initial setup section.

Environment stage

A version of your app that represents a specific stage of your pipeline. We typically use those:

  • dev – least stable stage that developers interact every day. It's the first place they can test their changes without breaking other envs
  • qa – stage used by QA specialists. Usually used to deploy specific version of the app to run tests against.
  • staging – more stable stage used to host a current code that is scheduled for production deployment. QA specialists test this environment before approving code to be deployed to production
  • production – the thing you don't touch on Friday at 4pm

More details on how to create and deploy those will be described in Creating application stage environment section.

Main stack

A CDK stack that contains resources of a specific environment stage that will be used by multiple services. This includes among others VPC, RDS instance, and ECS cluster.

Ci stack

A CDK stack that contains resources required to run Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

Helper Functions

A Serverless Framework app that contains all lambda functions that are not specifically part of any services code but are required by infrastructure components, such us running migrations from a CodePipeline execution.