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SonarCloud integration

SaaS Boilerplate comes with a SonarCloud integration for static code analysis. To get it configured and fully working you need to:

  1. Sign up (if you don't have an account yet) and log in to your SonarCloud account.
  2. Click on a plus sign in the top right corner -> "Analyze new project".
  3. Click on a "Setup a monorepo." link at the bottom.
  4. Select Organization you want to import the project to and the repository you want to import.
  5. Add a new project for all packages you want to be analyzed (backend, workers, webapp).
  6. Adjust sonar.organization and sonar.projectKey properties in files in all of the packages to match the ones from the SonarCloud monorepo configuration.
  7. When it's done, code should be automatically analyzed during each BitBucket pipeline.