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SSH into backend container

AWS Exec is new functionality that allows users to either run an interactive shell or a single command against a container inside a task deployed on either Amazon EC2 or AWS Fargate. You can find more information about AWS Exec here.


Using AWS Exec requires additional SSM Session Manager plugin for AWS CLI. Installation guide is available here.


AWS Exec does not create new, separate task like ssh bastion do, but connect with existing, running container. Thats why we need specify CLUSTER_NAME, TASK_ID and CONTAINER_NAME in our commands.

Example command allowing run interactive shell inside selected container:

aws-vault exec <SELECTED_AWS_VAULT_PROFILE> -- aws ecs execute-command --cluster <CLUSTER_NAME> --region <REGION> --task <TASK_ID> --container <CONTAINER_NAME> --command "/bin/bash" --interactive