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Payments introduction


Payments are handled through a provider called Stripe; it offers great developer experience and delivers an awesome and extensive documentation.


We are using dj-stripe package to synchronize all stripe data with the primary database. It implements all the Stripe models as Django models allowing us to treat them as a primary source of truth instead of reaching out to Stripe API all the time. So far it proved to be a very useful and interesting way of working with a payments provider.


Stripe account setup

Create a Stripe account for every environment: qa, staging, production.

Additionally, every developer should have their own Stripe account! It is extremely simple to do by clicking the "+" sign in the dropdown located in the top left corner of the Stripe web panel. When you create the account just invite a particualr dev to their account and let them copy the necessary secret keys on their own.

Backend setup

Configure environmental variables

  • STRIPE_LIVE_SECRET_KEY – A secret key necessary to access the production mode. Required only for production environment. You can find it in Stripe's web panel.
  • STRIPE_TEST_SECRET_KEY – A secret key necessary to access the test mode. You can find it in Stripe's web panel.
  • STRIPE_LIVE_MODETrue/False (default: False); When equal to False all operations are run in a test mode.
  • DJSTRIPE_WEBHOOK_SECRET – a signing secret used to validate the events coming from Stripe. You obtain it after you create a webhook in the Stripe's web panel.

Configure Stripe webhook

  1. Open the Stripe web panel
  2. Open the Developer > webhooks page
  3. Press "Add endpoint button"
  4. Enter https://<YOUR_DOMAIN>/api/finances/stripe/webhook/ in the Endpoint URL field.
  5. Press the "receive all events" CTA.
  6. Submit the form
  7. Copy the Signing secret of the created webhook and put it into DJSTRIPE_WEBHOOK_SECRET env variable.

Web app setup

Configure environmental variables

  • VITE_STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY – a publishable key that you can find in Stripe's web panel