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Project is configured with the in-app notifications support out of the box. Backend and frontend share the type which is a CONSTANT_CASED identifier. Notifications are handled with GraphQL Subscriptions.

Webapp reference

To generate a new notification simply run:

yarn plop notification <type>

`type' is the notification identifier and name at once

It generates component and story files under the src/shared/components/notifications/templates/<type>/ path. The notification is automatically registered, no further actions required.

In the <type>.component.tsx you will see the component based on the <Notification/> which is an interface to compose your notification. You have to define the data inside NotificationType:

type ItemAddedProps = NotificationType<{
user: string | null;
itemId: number;

Mistakes in the data type (e.g., missing nulls) might produce error-prone code. Be careful!

Removing the feature

  • Delete <Notifications /> usage from the src/shared/components/header/header.component.tsx
  • Delete src/shared/components/notifications directory
  • Delete addNotificationGenerator call from theplopfile.js
  • Delete plop/notification directory

Backend reference

Backend comes with a built-in support for in-app notifications, and possibility to implement other types of notifications.


Enabled notifications strategies are configurable with NOTIFICATIONS_STRATEGIES variable in file. Its default value is ["InAppNotificationStrategy"].

To write your own notifications strategy, you need to extend the BaseNotificationStrategy class that can be found in apps/notifications/ file. The only method that needs to be implemented is:

def send_notification(user: str, type: str, data: dict):

There's also second method, that may sometimes come in handy:

def should_send_notification(user: str, type: str):

With that method you can decide, if specific user should receive notification with specific type with that strategy.

Sending notifications

To send notification to users you simple need to call send_notification function that can be found in apps.notifications.sender module. It iterates through all enabled strategies and sends notification with specified type and payload to specified user.

Removing the feature

  • Delete apps/notifications directory
  • Remove apps.notifications from LOCAL_APPS variable in file