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Project is configured with fully typed support for REST API.

All request can be provided with response type:

import { client } from './packages/api/client';
export const list = async () => {
const res = await client.get<ItemType[]>(API_URL);
return; // data is ItemType[]

Form submission error handling

Every POST/PUT response type from BE is formatted in following way:

#successfull response
"isError": "false",
#failed response
"isError": "true",

It allows us to support TS types for API error handling. To support form submit with validation, you can use out-of-the-box solution based on react-hook-form / useForm():


// api
export const updateProfile = async (data: UpdateProfileApiRequestData) => {
const res = await client.put<UpdateProfileApiResponseData>(AUTH_UPDATE_PROFILE_URL, data);

// saga
takeLatest(authActions.updateProfile, handleApiRequest(auth.updateProfile)),

// component
const {setApiResponse, errors, genericError, ...} = useApiForm<UpdateProfileFormFields>();

const onProfileUpdate = async (profile: UpdateProfileFormFields) => {
try {
const res = await dispatch(updateProfile(profile));

// dispatch promise is resolved in case of 2xx or 400 status code

// in case of 400 status results with resolved promise but with submission errors returned
// it will fill 'errors' variable with field errors coming from API response
// or 'genericError' with generic errors (not related with specific form field)
} catch {
// you can handle any other unexpected errors here