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CRUD generator

To generate a fully-functional CRUD UI you need to run yarn plop crud <model_name> <api_endpoint> (i.e. yarn plop crud event /event/)

It will generate functional elements including:


  • ROUTES.<model_name>.list under /<model_name>/ (i.e. ROUTES.event.list under /event/)
  • ROUTES.<model_name>.details under /<model_name>/<id>
  • ROUTES.<model_name>.edit under /<model_name>/edit/<id>
  • ROUTES.<model_name>.add under /<model_name>/add


  • <model_name>Actions.fetch<model_name>List - to fetch all items data (i.e. eventActions.fetchEventList)
  • <model_name>Actions.fetch<model_name> - to fetch single item data
  • <model_name>Actions.add<model_name> - to add new item
  • <model_name>Actions.update<model_name> - to update existing item
  • <model_name>Actions.delete<model_name> - to delete existing item

Each generated route will contain functional components (listing / editing / adding / deleting). All you need to do is to adjust it with your data model - by default it is generated using following data model:

interface <model_name> {
id: string;
name: string;